The Honor Saga is a proposed series written by Donald Newton. If successful, it would have a total of 9 stories. It will start out as prequels to the entire Tyler & Nancy stories. Then change into a new version of the siblings stories. Then the third and final trilogy would focus on an older and more experience Nancy as she survives through another series of murders.


The Prequels are meant to take place BEFORE Tyler and Nancy's original trilogy.

Episode I

Episode I would focus on Andrew Carter and Scott Lane as teenagers. Andrew and Scott's past friendship is established right away as childhood friends who have since seperated to their own set of friends. Andrew is with a group of "Beautiful" people, which he joined as a result of his new relationship with a beautiful girl name Alice. Scott is with a group of outcast. After a party at Andrew's house, both Andrew's group of friends and Scott's group of friends join forces as one. Scott begins dating new girl Melina. However, the entire group is put in survival mode when a killer, unlike any killer in the entire Franchise, known as Francis begins to hunt down the group.

Episode II

Episode II would once again focus on Andrew and Scott. They have moved on since the first murder spree. Andrew meets his new neighbors, the Prices, which he falls for their daughter, Daphne. Andrew and Scott's group is different from the previous as many were killed in the previous or a few has since left. They are now joined by the Spanish Exchange student Charlie Rodriguez and Nick Curtis. A few new additional characters join their group. But once again, Andrew and Scott's group is forced to fight for their lives when another killer strikes again.

Episode III

Episode III focuses on the group that we know and love; Andrew, Scott, Daphne, Charlie, Nick, Melissa, and with Lorraine (who appears in all three episodes) now a permeant member of the group. They have a few new members of their beloved group. But once again, another killer is targeting them. Only this time, Lorraine is the primary target. And a shocking secret is revealed.

Tyler & Nancy (New Versions)

Despite the prequels being considered prequels to the original stories, Episodes IV-VI are new versions of the original stories. Although the characters of the Scream Club only appeared in The Honor Club stories and NOT the original Tyler and Nancy stories, they will become main characters in the new versions as well.

Episode IV

Episode IV focuses on Tyler and Nancy, the children of the late Lorraine Carter, as they learn who they truly are through their family (Clarence, Kathy, Andrew, and Daphne), adult friends (Scott, Charlie, Nick, and Melissa), Cousins (Jeff and Veronica) and their new group of teen friends; Abby, Bella, Gary, Ali, Anthony, Coda, and Brittney, and a few new characters. With their arrival is the arrival of a brand new killer bent on destroying the Carter family and friends.

Episode V

Episode V focuses on Tyler, Nancy, their grandparents, Uncle Andrew, Aunt Daphne, cousins Jeff and Veronica, and their surviving friends as a new killer continues to stalk and destory their family and friends.

Episode VI

Episode VI focuses on Tyler and Nancy and their family and friends as they face a killer behind the murders of IV-VI, who's presence was, in fact, present in I-III in a shocking twist.

Sequel Trilogy

The Sequel Trilogy is meant to take place after Tyler and Nancy's original trilogy. In the original stories, Anton and Emilia were Lorraine and Charlie's twin children. In this new version, they are Tyler and Abby's twin children

Episode VII

Episode VII will focus on Nancy as a teenager. It begins when Nancy, Tyler, Abby, their kids Anton and Emilia, Ali, Charlie, Jeff, and Veronica are captured and held prisoner by an unmasked killer Hawkeye, who was once part of their group, and his gang. Hawkeye kills a major member of the group. This murder will haunt and hurt our main characters for the remainder of the story. Iris Lilly from Episode I returns and new additional characters are introduced.

Episode VIII

Episode VIII focuses on Nancy as she is starting a relationship with Patrick Villane at the same time that her and her group of friends are targeted by a new killer. New characters are introduced.

Episode IX

Episode IX focuses on Nancy and Patrick trying to fight for survival when Nancy learns something special is happening with her and Patrick that will change their lives. Now it's not just their lives that they're trying to save...but the life of somebody who's yet to be born.